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Craftstones Gemstone Mixes

These are the Tumbled Gem Mixes that set the standard. If you want to fill your Gem Displays, Wagons, Carts, Chests or whatever with the most eye catching, customer catching gemstones, these are the mixes for you. All of our mixes are of the highest quality and greatest variety. We do not offer cheaper, low grade mixes. We sell tons of these mixes to wholesalers and retailers all over the world (although they are sometimes diluted with cheaper low-grade stones to lower the cost).

Gemstone Mixes are available in 2 types, all at the same prices:


A combination of naturally colored and colorful dyed varieties in a ratio of approximately 60% natural to 40% dyed.
From years of experience our customers and we have found that this mix far outsells any other - the extra colors attract everyone's eyes and are especially popular with kids


Contains only naturally colored stones. This mix is especially useful for Museum sales when dyed stones may not be appropriate.

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