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About Craftstones

In 1953 Craftstones was formed to produce stones in quantity for the developing new lapidary market. The Company pioneered the method of polishing stones in bulk known as "tumbling".

From paint cans holding 10lbs of stone, the tumblers grew in size as demand required greater and more cost effective production until the Company settled on giant 6000lbs Tumblers which are still used today. Craftstones now supply over 200 Tons of stone worldwide annually.

The market for these stones not only includes Jewellery and Souvenirs but has also moved into the promotional and advertising fields. Another relatively new but very successful field for our tumbled stones is the meta-physical market, catering to the New Age demand for natural products and alternative healing methods.

Tumbled Stones have become highly sought after for a variety of mystical and healing uses as they fit the description of "natural products" having not been individually cut or shaped by Man, and of course are available at affordable prices.

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